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Smallstep reduces the workload while ensuring greater security.

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Easily extend from existing PKI

Use OpenSSH and your existing single sign-on for SSH access to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premise hosts.

Reporting and logging of user sessions, access to hosts, and privilege escalations simplify compliance audits.

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Tommy Santoyo
Software Engineer

Joe Doss
Director of Engineering Operations

The Security benefits and time savings made it easy to justify the investment.

ssh [host-name]. Smallstep SSH lets users OpenSSH as normal. Add SSH access to existing single sign-on workflows to save operational time and improve security.

  1. Synchronize with your identity provider for single sign-on and access control.

  2. Add, modify and remove SSH users directly from your identity provider.

  3. Complete user lifecycle management. No more static public keys across your host fleet
smallstep is awesome

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Automatically Issue and renew certificates to servers, internal websites, and the entire ACME ecosystem without human interaction.